Linus & Terese


Grattis prinsessan , 6 år 2 februari


Dino & Emma



**Emma och Dino**

Emma* Christmas 2006*


Patrik & Emma

Emma with Terese on her first dogshow

Terese, Emma & Sanna

Sammi, Emma & Sanna  


Emma & Courmayeur`s V.I.P  

We have a lot of snow in Stockholm
on our Christmas-Holiday... and that was fun... 

can you see that we are painting.....

This summer we was on holiday in Stockholm,
we visit Skansen and looking at "allsång på Skansen".
After the show we meet Darin

Lena Ph, Magnus Uggla och Darin

Terese, Darin och Patrik 

One day we was at Solö in the Skerries of Stockholm
and visit our friends Sanna & Sammi.
And we have a lot of fun in the water...





Terese, Sanna, Patrik and Sammi 

A big thanks to Annelie, Jonas, Sanna and Sammi